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Ubud tour one package tours to Bali’s best-selling and a lot of takers. Sometimes during the high seasons are during the school holidays, Christmas and New Year holiday season or Lebaran, we must reject the demand of customers due to lack of an experienced driver in the service of a package tour.

We are very careful in the selection of drivers who will serve customers. Every driver we employ, must pass rigorous penilaiaan in honesty, knowledge of the tourist attractions in Bali, sincerity in serving.

Because of this, we are able to survive in the competition is so tight in the provision of travel. We do not compete by offering low prices and unreasonable, because it would make the customer disappointed, it would be fatal to the continuation of our company. For that we compete with more emphasis on quality of service, keyamanan and customer satisfaction.

Before we write about Ubud tour, it is worthwhile to write a bit about the tourist attraction in Ubud Bali. On the island there are two sites of the most widely known by tourists, namely Kuta and Ubud Bali tourist spots.

If you ask, where is the center of arts and culture in Bali? Surely most people who have known Bali would be answered, Ubud. Not only art and culture, Ubud also offers the natural beauty of unspoiled countryside and very awake pelestariaanya.

Besides famous for arts and cultural center, Ubud is also famous for shopping, whether goods or goods branded souvenirs. In addition to shops that sell handicrafts, in the sights of Ubud, where to eat lots available from different countries. For those who like a culinary tour of Bali , Ubud provides many dining facilities, ranging from simple stalls to fancy restaurants.

Once you know a little about the tourist attractions of Ubud, we will explain a bit about the tour packages Ubud.

Package tours to Bali, we design such a way and is suitable for those of you who like to shop souvenirs typical of Bali , whether for friends or family. In addition to visiting the place for you to shop, we also design tour routes so that you can enjoy the village atmosphere of Ubud, with a view rice terraces at Tegalalang Ubud.

For more details about the tour, you can see below.

Day Tour Ubud Bali

Ubud Tour Schedule
We will pick you up at your place of stay at 08:30.
On the way to Ubud, you will pass through cultivation area and the area is very famous Balinese batik craft. This is the first place that you will visit in cheap tour packages in Bali this. The place name is batik Galuh , here you will see the craftsmen doing their routine activities in making batik, both batik and batik fabrics. If you are interested to buy batik here, you can see a lot of the availability of ready-made batik collection. The price of batik, rather expensive because the process is still human effort, which resulted in increased production costs. But if we mention the price is expensive for batik, would be very relative for everyone. Since most of the customers of our tour package, buy two or three types of batik in this place. It all comes back to your taste and budget available. But if you did not have interest to buy let alone to see batik, please be notified to our customer service . We will be happy to change the tour route or prolong the tour in a tourist spot that you like.
Ubud tour, will continue to visit the village of Celuk Gianyar, village craftsmen silver and gold. We will take you, see the craftsmen in the process of making gold and silver handicrafts Bali.
Then we will invite you to visit the village Kemenuh. The village is very famous for crafting sculptures made of wood, most of the craft sculpture from the village Kemenuh, sold in art shop in Kuta. Additionally, you can also see the process of making sculpture in the village.
Tourist attractions Ubud is famed for common paddy fields, then in this package, we will invite you to see the sights rice terraces at Tegalalang Ubud .
After the tour for half a day, then we will invite you to lunch at a restaurant Duck Begil in Ubud.
Your tour will be followed by a visit, Monkey Forest Ubud .
Travel Into Museum Neka Ubud Bali
Visited Puri Saren Ubud (Ubud royal palace)
Visited Krisna Bali
We will take you, go back to your place of stay.

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